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Certified measuring- and evaluating-systems according to EN 15267

Tested and certified equipment for continuous emission and ambient air monitoring is the
basis of an optimal pollution control.

According to EN 14181 only suitability tested measuring and data acquisition systems
are admited for continuous measurement and monitoring on governmental decree.

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  • The basis for the certification of measuring- and evaluating-systems is the European standard:
    • EN 15267 Air quality – Certification of automated measuring systems
      • part 1: General principles
      • part 2: Initial assessment of the AMS manufacturer´s quality management system 
        and post certification surveillance for the manufacturing process
  • Emission mesurement systems apply to the requirements of
    • EN 15267 part 3: Performance criteria and test procedures for automated measuring systems 
      for monitoring emissions from stationary sources
  • Ambient air monitoring systems apply to the requirements of
    the standard series VDI 4202 as well as the 
    specific EN standards for gases respectively the EC guideline for particle.
  • Emission data  aquisition and handling systems (DAHS) apply to the requirements of
    "German uniform practice for emission monitoring,  
    suitability test of measuring  and evaluating-systems for continuous emission measurement",
    and the definitions for remote data transmission

Certified measuring- and evaluation systems:

On these Internet pages the measuring and evaluating systems are registered,
that were certified since the 2009-03-01 according to the European standard EN 15267.